About – Simple Sewing & More

I began my sewing journey as child by making clothes for my teddy and dolls.

Over the years I’ve dressed myself, my babies, my children, my grandchildren and my house.

I’ve  worked the usual 9-5 grind as a Finance Manager but my passion and my pleasure is, and has always been found with material or yarn in hand and the expectation of the project ahead.

Why do I sew?

In this mass produced world we inhabit it can be very satisfying to have a unique, one of a kind article, even if it is only a scarf, a hat or a bag.

For this reason when I plan my next project I steer away from those articles that are very affordable and available everywhere.  Why sew a t-shirt when I can buy one so cheaply.  Why not try a beautiful lace edged scarf.

I wouldn’t entertain making sweat pants or tops for the children when instead I can buy some beautiful fabric and fashion a unique and colorful dress with buttons, bows and lace. Little girls adore swirly skirts with ribbons, lace and lining.  No color is too bright, no adornment is too much for this audience.  It’s the best place to try a bit of creative flair.

Why should you take up Sewing?

In the process of creating, with your eye on the detail, with your attention focused on every individual stitch, with your dreams filled with idealistic images, colorful fabric, rainbow colored embroidery thread, intricate lace, impossibly wonderful sewing machines.

With all this how could you not be in the moment?

There’s no room for worry or doubt.

This is mindfulness. This is meditation.

Where did I get the skills?

I’m not arty or gifted I’m just practical and enjoy a challenge.

My mother and her mother were both handy with the sewing machine and knitting needles.  My Aunt taught me to Crochet, my Mum taught me to Knit and my Grandma taught me to Sew.

I’m hoping I can pass this legacy onto you.

There’s nothing mystical or daunting about it; these are practical skills that we can all learn.  Like all new skills once you master the language you’re almost there.

I will be here for you as you begin your sewing journey.

We will step through a simple approach from basic beginner, from sewing on a button, taking up a hem, mending that tear in your jeans through to wherever the journey takes us.